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The Incorporation Package





Three facts which I'm sure will resonate with any charity managed pre-school with a parent committee. Whatever the reasons, the truth is that it has become harder and harder to recruit trustees, particularly parents, to be responsible for unincorporated charities. And if you’re lucky enough to get a full committee, holding on to them can be even harder. On at least a weekly basis I see posts in Facebook groups and receive phone calls from desperate providers who risk closure because they just can’t get parents to be involved.

The bottom line is that for registered charity settings to survive in the long term they are going to have to look at moving to being an incorporated organisation in one form or another. For the vast majority keeping charitable status is a must and so many are exploring route of the Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO).

CIO’s as they are commonly referred to were introduced by the Charity Commission in 2013. They were designed specifically for charities, allowing them to register just once as an incorporated charity, to reduce administrative burden, limit the liability of trustees and to provide the incorporated charity with its own legal entity.

However, for many, even becoming a CIO does not reduce the problems of having parents as trustees but that does depend on the constitution which is adopted.


So after listening to you and the problems you face (and seeing it for myself) I can provide you with a solution that removes the issue of recruiting a parent committee, provides greater protection for trustees in terms of liability and at the same times gives managers some control over what happens in the pre-school.

Now in it's 4th year The Incorporation Package has helped over 40 settings to convert to CIO.


The Incorporation Package

The Incorporation Package provides a full conversion service taking you from unincorporated pre-school to Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO)


We manage the entire process for you, from setting up your new CIO with the Charity Commission through to support with re-registration with Ofsted, transferring staff and the old charity's assets and everything in between finally  dissolving the old charity once you have transferred over.


Having worked with many pre-school committees before I know that trying to do this yourselves can be both a costly and very time consuming process and is why The Incorporation Package aims to provide a complete service from start to finish.




The most attractive benefit for many of this package is the constitution we provide that removes the requirement to have parents as trustees.

Based on The Charity Commission Foundation model but specifically written for pre-schools our constitution:


  • allows for your trustee board to be a mix of staff and/or anyone who has a vested interest in your setting;​

  • requires only 5 trustees who can serve for a term of six years to give greater continuity;​​

  • covers those pre-schools who also provide wrap around care such as breakfast and after school clubs

Whilst the board will maintain responsibility for the management of the setting it is hoped that by removing the parental element it will be easier to recruit members and provide much needed continuity and financial security for your pre-school.


Initial Meeting

The package starts with an initial Zoom meeting where we'll complete the paper work required to begin the process of setting up your new CIO.

This meeting can also be in-person (additional costs apply, please ask for details)


Set Up

Once we have the necessary paperwork and the dissolution clause of your current constitution has been initialized we will begin the process of registering the new CIO with The Charity Commission


I'll be here throughout the process to support you with the re-registering of Ofsted, the TUPE of staff from one organisation to another and pretty much anything else you need help with.

Close Down

When the new CIO is set up and re-registration with Ofsted is complete and everything including the assets is officially transferred over we will then close the unincorporated charity.

Time Scales

It is anticipated that from start to finish the process should take around eight to twelve months, however is subject to any delays in processing applications or changes required by the Charity Commission and/or delays with re-registration with Ofsted.

Your Investment

To find out if The Incorporation Package is right for you and for more details and to check availability book a free no obligation discovery call and let's have a chat about your circumstances.

Why work with me....

I have seen first hand the very real struggles you face in trying to run a charity managed pre-school and having been both a trustee and then manager of one I really get how hard it is.

I'm now working with over 50 pre-schools throughout England and Wales to become CIO's and to change to a business model better suited to your needs.

Here's what Brambles Community Pre-school in Southampton, the first to sign up to The Incorporation Package have to say about it........

We are a charity run pre-school with a committee and had been researching how to become a CIO. There is so much information online that we were finding the task daunting.


We found Sally's website and initially joined her Business Club. Sally offered us an opportunity to convert our charity with her guidance and it has been relatively easy. She has provided all the forms needed, in an easy to understand format, a new Constitution and has helped us with Ofsted throughout the process.


Sally has visited our setting on several occasions to explain and go through the process and has always been at the end of the phone if we have needed any extra help.


She offers sensible, clear help and nothing has been too much trouble. Without her support and knowledge, we would still be run by a parent committee. We don't know how we could of done this without her and only wish we had found Dinky Ones earlier .

- Brambles Community Pre-school, Southampton

Frequently Asked Questions

How many staff can be trustees?

Of the five the constitution allows for a maximum of 2 of these to be staff members. This is to ensure that the majority of trustees are volunteers.

Will I lose my Ofsted grading?

Yes. Part of the process of re-registering means that you will be treated as a new setting and therefore any existing grading you have will be lost until your first full inspection as a CIO.

What happens to the money in our bank accounts?

This is part of your assets and will be transferred in full (including anything in reserves) to the new CIO.

Will I have to close at any point while going through this process?

No. The transfer to CIO is always arranged so that it happens overnight so there is no break in service.

Are there any other costs to consider?

Yes. When you re-register with Ofsted you will have to pay your annual fee. Additionally, if you own your own premises and/or lease land there may be additional costs for transferring leases into the name of the CIO.

If you have other questions regarding The Incorporation Package please book a discovery call and I'll do my very best to answer them.

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