Are your new committee members struggling to complete their     EY2 forms for Ofsted?

Did you know that as of January 2020 there's a new way to do these?

Do you have the time in your already busy day to sit with them all to get them done?

Want to be sure that they are submitted correctly to avoid an inadequate grading at your next Ofsted inspection?




You tell me that getting EY2's completed for new trustees can be a nightmare for several reasons so how about you have me come into your setting, sit with them individually and get them filled in correctly and submitted to Ofsted within 14 days of your AGM?

With an EY2WORKSHOP you'll have the peace of mind of knowing that all of your committee members have completed their EY2 forms (and DBS checks where necessary) for Ofsted in the necessary time frame without you having to chase them up and keep checking that they're done.


It's very simple, you book a date, get all of your committee members together and I'll come to your armed with my laptop and an internet connection.

I'll then sit with each individual trustee and complete the EY2 form with them (and a DBS check if required) before submitting it online.

When they are all done I'll give you a list of all of the submission reference numbers so that you have proof that they have been completed if you should have an inspection while awaiting approval.

You'll also be able to contact me after the workshop if any problems arise with Ofsted querying any of the information (although this shouldn't happen with me doing them with you!!)


I've been working with committee's and charity managed settings for a number of years and have vast experience in completing the necessary forms for Ofsted, whether that be EY2's for new trustees or the EYO and EYS to register a new setting or to re-register following a change such as converting to a CIO.

I've written guidance on completing the EY2 for trustees (which has just been updated to the new system) that has been downloaded by over a thousand providers and I know the forms and the system inside out.

I also have a designated contact at Ofsted so that if issues do arise I can contact them directly for advice and to rectify problems which saves you the hassle of trying to contact them yourself.


Any setting who is a registered charity and managed by a committee (whether that is parents or volunteers) and is required by Ofsted to notify them of changes to the organisation and individuals as per 3.77 of the EYFS Statutory Framework.


This includes pre-schools, nurseries and after school clubs where they are on the Early Years Register or compulsory part of the Childcare Register.


  • Up to 4 hours on-site working with you and your trustees 1:1

  • Completion and submission of the EY2's through the gov.uk system for all of your trustees.

  • Completing DBS disclosure checks for trustees who do not have them.

  • Our EY2 guidance for you to use for future trustees.

  • A list of all of the EY2 submission reference numbers for you to keep as evidence for Ofsted.

  • Follow up call one month after the visit.

Prefer to do it yourself? Download my EY2 guidance for parents and volunteers here.