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Finding your Feet

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Welcome to Finding your Feet, the name given to our wide ranging group of services to support trustees and managers in the running of your charity managed setting.

Our aim is to provide you with ad-hoc support and/or more in depth advice and guidance to help you build your knowledge and confidence in your role, all at an affordable rate.

So whether you have an issue that you need one off advice for, training, or ongoing support we will provide comprehensive support on governance and business management best practices and procedures to ensure that you as trustees and managers have the tools you need to succeed.

The Harmony Package (2).png

1:1 mentoring, advice and guidance working directly with Sally.

Including monthly mentoring meetings, unlimited access between calls, training for the whole board of trustees and planning your responsibilities for the year ahead this package is the gold star of charity support.


Half Day (up to 3 hours) or Full Day (up to 6 hours) on-site visit.

We can discuss specific issues, put together a plan of action, meet with the trustees and anything else that you might need to get you back on track.

Book a free 15 minute discovery call for more information and to get a quote.

Virtual 11 Sessions (1).png
virtual 1:1 sessions

1 hour sessions held via Zoom to help with anything you need.

There are times when you need a bit more in terms of advice than you get from an online search or a social media group and this is where these sessions can help.

Lasting an hour we'll chat about what you need and I'll give you advice and any documentation I think will help.

Workshops (1).png
workshops and webinars

Sessions designed to provide the knowledge to fulfil your trustee role 

Our workshops are suitable for those acting as trustees or committee members in unincorporated organisations and CIO's as well as directors in charitable companies and aim to help you to navigate the complexities of charity management.

The Hub (4).png
the hub membership

Join our community and get support from Sally and other members.

With monthly check in calls, a range of documents and the support of other members The Hub is available to join either as an individual or as whole setting, giving staff and trustees access.

Sign up today for instant access to The Hub

dissolution package

Closure of your setting is a difficult decision to make and tough for all involved

Support through the whole process of closing your charity setting. Let me help you to make the process a little easier whilst ensuring that the correct procedures are followed.

Book a free 15 minute discovery call to find out more.

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