How to deal with rude people!

We've all been there! That one parent in your setting who, no matter what you do and how far you bend to accommodate them, will be rude and disconnected. Or maybe it's a member of staff or an external adviser that is being just plain rude and opinionated.

If you find yourself in the position of having to deal with such people it can be hard to keep your cool so here are my top tips for responding appropriately without blowing your top!

Don't lose your cool - When confronted with rudeness it's easy to become very angry, very quickly. No matter how annoying the person in front of you, keep a lid on your anger.

Try not to take it personally - The reason for their rudeness may not have anything to do with you.

Confrontation - On the whole I'd always advise to refrain where possible. Challenging the person on their behaviour, in my experience, only escalates the problem. The only caveat to this is in a situation where you, or a member of your staff, feels threatened and then it is perfectly acceptable to confront and ask a person to leave your premises.

Don't expect the rude behaviour to change - It's a sad fact of reality that some people are just rude and you'll have to accept that's how he/she is.

Use a selective response system - In much the same way you would with a child's behaviour, acknowledge the person when using positive responses while ignoring any rude comments.