REDUCING YOUR STRESS - Top Tips for Childcare Managers

The well-being of staff is a much talked about subject with increased exposure and, as managers, something that we are becoming increasingly good at supporting. However, when you're busy looking after your employees who looks out for you?

I know from experience that being the owner/manager of a busy setting can be both a lonely and stressful place, with many hats to wear and responsibilities where the buck stops with you.

This Wednesday is National Stress Awareness Day and although our stress levels are something we should be aware of and dealing with daily I thought this would be as good a time as any to share my top tips for reducing stress.

You see as someone who has lived with high functioning anxiety for many years I know the impact intense periods of stress can have on us, both physically and mentally. For me, stress manifests itself physically with migraines and mentally with feelings of being overwhelmed but it's different for everybody. Many people may not even realise they are stressed until they have physical symptoms which is what happened in my case. I'd been through a period of having migraine after migraine and, as I was concerned,

I went to see my GP who asked me what I did when I had one. It seemed an odd question but I told her that I went to bed and slept, sometimes for an entire day. I'll always remember her response..... "Sally, it's your body's way of telling you to stop".

When we are feeling stressed everything takes a little longer and small problems can suddenly feel totally overwhelming but we have a tendency to try and push on and work through it. After all people are relying on us right? But what use are you to anyone, let alone yourself, if you end up making yourself ill?

So my first tip to reducing stress is #1. STOP