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Welcome to


On a mission to support charity managed preschools to be sustainable for the long term


The Business Club is our community of childminders, pre-school, nursery and after school club managers and owners.


The Incorporation Package provides a full management service to convert your charity pre-school to a CIO


Pay as you go consultancy days are available for all childcare settings for advice or to deal with specific issues

Nice to meet you!

Although I work with all types of settings my real passion is charity managed pre-schools and the very unique problems they face.

That's because over the years I've sat on both sides of the fence, both as a trustee and a manager, and have experienced first hand the very real challenges of limited resources, pack away premises and being managed by parent volunteers all of which can have an impact on the sustainability of the business.

Running a childcare business is hard!


There I've said it and I'm pretty sure you're not denying it. With ever-increasing costs, a lack of funding to cover it, staff shortages and difficulty in recruiting parents to join the committee, in the coming years it's only likely to get harder.

But that's the downside and here at Dinky Ones we're all about positivity and working with you to find solutions to the issues and problems you face. 

I'm Sally....... shoe lover, cappuccino drinker, founder of Dinky Ones, Mum to two inspiring young people and passionate about supporting you to get the best from your business.

What do you need!?

Do you need to protect your future committee by converting to a CIO?

Do you need help with marketing your setting to increase occupancy?

Do you need a business plan and cash flow advice to remain sustainable?

Do you need help with your committee and their roles & responsibilities?

You do? Then you're definitely in the right place because I'm here to help y