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so you've already made the switch to cio ...

But you're still having problems recruiting parent members to your board of trustees due to the association constitution adopted when you registered the charity?

An Association model, sometimes referred to as a membership model, often requires you to have a percentage of member trustees and, as your members are usually the parents of children using your setting,  they have to form the board for the CIO. 



Even with the protection offered to CIO trustees it is still all too often difficult to recruit and retain parent members. Add to that the constant turnover of trustees because these members have to be current parents, and I hear regularly from providers that the switch to CIO has not really helped them.

What many people are unaware of is that there are actually two types of CIO that you can register, Association or Foundation, depending on the constitution you choose to adopt.



And this new support package is designed to help you make the switch from

Association To  Foundation

what's the difference with a foundation constitution?

The Foundation constitution has one main difference. That is, that the only members are it's charity's trustees.

There is no wider membership as there is with an association model which in essence means that your CIO trustees do not HAVE to be your current parents. With the Foundation model anyone who has a vested interest or who wishes to be involved with the charity can act as a trustee.

I have written an Early Years specific Foundation constitution and this is the one I use with my Incorporation Package clients and now with helping you to switch from an Association to Foundation CIO.

And the good news is switching is relatively straightforward!

the support package





A fully customised copy of the Foundation constitution 

The resolution required to be presented to members at an EGM for approval to change the constitution

Full support from Dinky Ones from the initial discovery call to the approval of the amendments by the Charity Commission

Any other documentation required to help you with managing your charity

the process

A Discovery Call with Sally to talk through the process, discuss the constitution, see if the package is right for you and to answer any questions you may have

Once agreed an initial meeting will be hosted by Sally via Zoom to establish trustee details and to book a date for the EGM. A letter giving notice of the EGM will be sent to go out to parents

Sally will host the EGM on your behalf, again via Zoom, and will explain to parents the reasoning for changing to a Foundation CIO, put the proposal to them, answer any questions and then take a vote

Minutes of the meeting will be sent to you after for signing and once complete Sally will then meet with you again to complete the necessary information and upload the documents required to the Charity Commission

Once the Charity Commission records are updated and the change to being a Foundation CIO is reflected on the public register Sally will inform you and this is the end of the process

the investment


Includes everything detailed above.

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